My primary research interests lie in two main areas: (i) metaphysics and philosophy of action and (ii) ethics.

My PhD thesis defended what I call a ‘quasi-realist’ account of powers or dispositions, including sketching a substance-causal approach to causation on the basis of that account. In these areas I am especially influenced by the work of E.J. Lowe and John Heil, among others – though my approaches differ from each in a number of important ways. I aim to connect this account of powers to promising approaches to modality, laws of nature, and the metaphysics of agency and mind (including the free will debate).

In addition to metaphysics, I have research and teaching interests throughout the discipline. As an undergraduate, I was initially focused on social and political philosophy, before my interests expanded throughout ethics and then onto the free will debate. In epistemology, I am particularly interested in the work of Laurence BonJour, which frequently serves as a foundation for positions I develop in other areas. More recently, my work in metaphysics has led to burgeoning interests in several areas of philosophy of science and the philosophy of public policy. I hope to do serious work, and teaching, in each of these areas in the near future.