My current primary research interests lie in metaphysics and philosophy of action.

My PhD thesis defends what I call a ‘quasi-realist’ account of powers or dispositions, including sketching a substance-causal approach to causation on the basis of that account. In these areas I am especially influenced by the work of E.J. Lowe and John Heil, among others – though my approaches differ from each in a number of important ways. In the coming months I aim to connect this account of powers to promising approaches to modality, laws of nature, and the metaphysics of agency (including the free will debate).

In addition to metaphysics, I have research and teaching interests throughout the discipline. As an undergraduate, I was initially focused on social and political philosophy, before my interests expanded throughout ethics and then onto the free will debate. In epistemology, I am particularly interested in the work of Laurence BonJour, which frequently serves as a foundation for positions I develop in other areas. More recently, my work in metaphysics has led to burgeoning interests in several areas of philosophy of science. I hope to do serious work, and teaching, in each of these areas in the future.